Air purification systems for virus and pathogen mitigation

Throughout the Pandemic, Micron Disinfection has emerged as a trusted provider for Disinfection Services. We service the biggest names in Sports, Entertainment, and Education.

What Is Micron Safe Air?

In duct

Continuously clean air with the most current Technology

Professionally install powerful air purification directly into your HVAC system with industry leading technology to scrub the air and assist in virus and pathogen mitigation. Ideal for facilities that have access to a central HVAC system.

Plug in

Medical grade professional air cleaners

Micron has plug in units that offer the ultimate convenience and efficiency. No professional installation required. We employ a wide variety of technologies including:

• HEPA & Carbon Filtration 
• Bipolar Ionization
• UVGI (UV-C) Disinfection
• Filtration Systems 

Micron has solutions for any sized space!

Performance monitoring

Continuous air quality monitoring

Take advantage of this custom-tailored systems to continually monitor the Air Quality for your facility. Communicate Air Quality metrics in real-time to your clients and coworkers through a high tech dashboard. Instill confidence that you are creating the safest possible learning and working environment. Best of all, they can be permanent or plug and play, depending on your facility's needs.

Proven technology, always evolving

We are continually evaluating new products and technology that are part of the Micron Safe Air program. These products are in use in major educational systems around the country and have proven results. Micron takes all of the guesswork out of making the air in your facility Micron Safe.

This program is comprised of a series of air filtration systems to reduce the risk of respiratory pathogens in the workplace, and indoor air quality monitoring products that measure the levels of their presence in real-time.